Group Counseling & Couples Counseling

Do you and your spouse fight and argue on a regular basis? Are you learning that married life is harder than you ever imagined? If this sounds familiar, then you should keep reading. A New Vision For You II is a leading counseling center, devoted to changing the lives of our patients. Our facility is situated just a short drive from Mojave, CA. Many of our patients even come see us from the nearby towns, such as Lancaster, Rosamond, and Acton. From couples counseling to addiction treatment, we offer services that will have a positive impact on the quality of your life.

Every couple argues from time to time; however, if these arguments become more frequent and hurtful, then it’s time to seek out couples counseling here at A New Vision For You II. We will help you and your spouse work through your problems. It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting over money or an affair, speaking with one of our knowledgeable counselors will help your marriage get back on the right track.

Here at A New Vision For You II, we also provide a full menu of other counseling services. Some of our patients prefer individual appointments while others are more successful with group counseling. No matter your preference, we will help you get into a program that will transform your life. The success of every patient is our top priority. You won’t find more comprehensive or dedicated counseling services anywhere else.

If you’ve been looking for a professional to guide you through your problems, then be sure to call us. From group counseling sessions to sober living facilities, we offer the best solutions to our patients. A New Vision For You II is proud to serve residents of Mojave, CA and all the surrounding towns. We look forward to turning your life around.